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Real Estate

We offer full service representation in real estate matters to owners, sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, brokers, and others.

Property Management: We advise owners, managers, and tenants on property management issues such as operating expense disputes, sign approvals, and construction approvals. We develop and administer legal systems for landlords, including agreements for control and approval of subleases and assignments, landlord's waiver agreements with secured lenders, early entry agreements, SNDAs, and hazardous material entry, testing, and confidentiality agreements. We assist tenants to manage their leases and properties, handle sublease and assignment approvals for tenants, obtain appropriate landlord's waivers for our tenant's lenders, and deal with issues of subordination and non-disturbance. We advise on issues related to options to extend, expand, or purchase.

Lease Termination: We review and advise on damage and security deposit issues in connection with turning over possession of a facility. We prepare and negotiate tenancy termination agreements for both landlords and tenants. We handle unlawful detainer actions to evict tenants, and we file litigation to collect unpaid rents.

Sales: We prepare, review, and negotiate purchase agreements for both buyers and sellers, advise on due diligence and related issues, and provide representation on matters relating to escrows and title insurance.

Litigation: We handle all types of real estate litigation in state and federal courts, including lease litigation, lawsuits arising out of purchase or sale of property, unlawful detainer/eviction actions, lawsuits to collect rents, boundary, title, escrow, mechanic's lien, and brokerage commission lawsuits.


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