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What Our Clients Say About Us

Mark Ziemendorf, Senior Vice President/Director, Investment Services Group, Cornish and Carey Commercial (and former President of Orchard Properties)

January 10, 2002

Dear John:

I am pleased to provide the strongest possible letter of recommendation. We have had an exceptional relationship for over 12 years now and I look forward to at least 12 more. As I've shared with others, your support, attnetion to detail, and timeliness of response was a critical element in the success of our leasing and property management programs at Orchard Properties. The system you had in place not only provided us with support on issues we could plan for, but more importantly, covered us at the times of urgency. It was critical to have legal support that was capable of responding immediately. You went beyond the norm in fullfilling the requirements of our organization, whether the call came from me or one of our property managers. I am certain you gave them added confidenc in performing their job simply by being available.

The other element is your thoughtful counsel. I appreciate the situations when your experience and suggestions provided the correct guidance and path of action. Your ability to become part of the team is unique and adds value beyond the normal attorney/client relationship.

I offer the highest endorsement and would welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone considering your services.

Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year.




Mark T. Ziemendorf
Senior Vice President

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