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Documents and Information Needed for Estate Planning

  1. Address of all real property (and, if available, a copy of your deed to the real estate or other documents such as a title report which would provide a property description.

  2. Copies of the face sheet of any life insurance policies which will be put in the estate.

  3. Most recent statements for bank accounts, stock accounts, and other accounts which will be part of the estate.

  4. A copy of a pink slip or registration for vehicles which you won (leased vehicles are not generally put into trusts).

  5. Title documents for any other documented assets (airplanes, boats, and the like) which will be part of your estate.

  6. Agreements relating to any closely held corporations or partnerships in which you are involved.

  7. Asset values and other basic information relating to any retirement accounts (retirement accounts do not go into trust but we need to know about them in regard to planning for the handling of your estate.

  8. A list and identification of any special collectibles or valuable assets such as coins, stamps, art, statues, and the like.
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