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Answers to Common Questions About Estate Planning

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  1. Who will receive property if I die intestate?
  2. What is probate?
  3. What assets will go through probate?
  4. What assets are community and separate property?
  5. What is the best method of holding title to martial property?
  6. What happens to assets that are left to children?
  7. Who will handle and manage my estate during probate?
  8. How much will it cost to probate my estate?
  9. What is the best method of holding assets for estate planning purposes?
  10. What is a living trust and what are its advantages?
  11. How can a living trust help to reduce estate taxes?
  12. What is the cost/benefit comparison between a will and a living trust?
  13. What does it mean to "fund" a living trust?
  14. What if assets are acquired but not transferred to trust before death?
  15. Will a trust shelter assets from creditors?
  16. Will a living trust save any income taxes?
  17. What is the effect of gifting property to heirs during life?
  18. What is the effect of life insurance on an estate?
  19. What can be done to keep control over health care decisions?
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