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John Marshall Collins
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      I started out as a child . . . and grew up in Bakersfield, home of heat and tumbleweeds, eventually graduating from Bakersfield College with an AA degree, and then leaving for a larger world.

      From there, I went to UCLA, where I graduated with a BA in 1968. Between graduation and law school, there was a year that involved being a Washington intern in the poverty program, a probation officer in an LA Juvenile Hall, and a private in the U.S. Army Reserve.

      I entered law school, also at UCLA, in 1969 and graduated in 1972 after surviving Vietnam demonstrations and Cambodia riots. In law school, I was most interested in advocacy, and was happy to be picked for the state and national moot court teams two years running. We finished second in the state my senior year, third the year before, and the culminating moment of my law school career was winning and being named best advocate in the annual Roscoe Pound Memorial Hearing at UCLA, where the best moot court advocates competed.

      From law school, I spent a summer and fall studying for the bar and working for George McGovern . . . alas. The bar was more successful than McGovern, and I was admitted to the California Bar in late 1972.

      I went to work for the California Attorney General's office, doing statewide consumer fraud work . . . good work, but the state was too bureaucratic. So, in 1974 I was lured up to San Jose to join a small firm, and have practiced here ever since. I have been in businesses where I was a partner or sole owner since 1977.

      In my 28 years of practice in San Jose, I've come to specialize in business, real estate, and estate and personal planning matters. For more on our offered services in these areas, click Real Estate, Business, or Estate/Personal Planning, or for client names and references, click Representative Clients. I've also taught Trial Practice as an adjunct at Santa Clara University Law School, and in the Northern District Trial Practice program. In 1982, after a considerable period of active bar association work, I was fortunate to be elected by my peers as President of the Santa Clara County Bar Association and the SCCBA Law Foundation.

      In the course of San Jose life, I've wound up on various Boards and Commissions, including the City Charter Review Commission which sponsored Measure J, the last major charter change, the City Redistricting Commission which redistricted San Jose City Council Districts following the 1990 census (never again), and the City Commission on Adult Bookstores and Entertainment Facilities. I've also worked in or managed just about every kind of political campaign around here.

      I have lived in the Campus Community neighborhood east of San Jose State since 1975, where a long time ago I was active in the neighborhood association. In 2000, we moved to a different house in the same neighborhood, and began the long process of renovation.

      Current occupations include working on my house - long way to go on landscaping the yard - politics, and spending time with my wife Zoe and my kids Sheila and John. Sheila is in college now, John is coming up on college, so we are getting adjusted to less people in the house.

      Over the course of my life, I've been a downhill skier, backpacker, scuba diver, tennis and squash player, and a pretty good straight pool player. When I get a break from politics, law, and fatherhood, I still try to do these things.

      Reach me anytime at

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